Welcome to the Basic Facts treasure chest.

This blog of maths links is being created by students just like you! We hope to use these links to practise our maths skills. We move up the ladder (1-57) each time we complete a step.

1. Work out which step you're on.
2. Click on the links under each step and practise until you're a master!
3. Get an adult to check and move to the next one.

We use this blog independently - that helps us become more self directed.

If you have some links you'd like to recommend, please leave a comment under the related step. We'd love to see this
get bigger and BIGGER!

Here's the Ladder that shows you which step you are on.

Have fun!


Moturoa said...

I am a New Zealand teacher.

I stumbled across your blog tonight and thought it great- just what I was looking for. I have just made up a whole lot of testing sheets that test the same things as on your blog.

I wonder if we were to combine forces and have downloads of the testing sheets for each of the levels.

Allanah K

Email Allanahk@hotmail.com

For further discussion


room2 said...

I like your step ladder idea. Is this working well with your class? Tina D

Summerland22 said...

The game are fun but the background don't match with basic fact maths.

Jae. -_-

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